How To Choose PET Production Line Device

  • 2019-08-01
    PET Bottle Perform Auxiliary Equipment-DKM

    When you decide to make water bottle project, do you think that buy one suitable set of injection molding machine is ok?


    In fact, a PET bottle perform production line is made up by several device. PET injection molding machine is the main equipment, the line also need necessary auxiliary machine. Now we share below points for you to select PET production line machine.


    PET is a special material, it’s generally used as raw materials for plastic beverages bottled. But PET is different from normal PP material. PET have large specific heat capacity, so it required high molding temperature. In order to make the temperature easier to reach, we will dehumidifier and dry the original material before injection.


    1. PET dehumidifier machine

    In order to dry the material fully, material dehumidifier is important step before production.

    If the PET material is not completely dried, the surface of bottle preform will looks blurry. So dehumidifier machine is a vital equipment for PET bottle perform production line.


    In general, most PET perform mold is multi-cavity. Before the machine model choice, we should pay attention to the actual weight of bottle perform and hourly consumption. 


    Total hourly consumption= (3600/cycle time)* perform weight*mold cavity


    For better stability, the theoretical dehumidifier weight of machines should be 1.35 times at least of actual consumption.


    2. Air Dryer

    Hot air is used to dry the wet materials that due to moisture absorption during packaging, transportation and recycling cycles. The air dryer model should depend on the injection machine tonnage and hourly consumption. Material loading capacity of dryer equipment also need bigger than the hourly consumption.


    3. Auto loader

    When the PET material finished dehumidifier and dry, the auto loader will put it on injection machine for manufacturing. But the points is very important, the pipe of the loader should be high temperature resistance. Ordinary pipes will melt and affect daily production.


    4. Water chiller

    Typically, PET bottle perform mold is made by through-hardened steel S136. Once the mold put on machine for mass production, you must to connect water pipe for cooling, otherwise the mold steel is easy to broken.

    Water chiller play the role of cooling and shorten the cycle time. The model of chiller should matched with PET injection molding machine tonnage, you could ask the supplier for recommend.


    In conclusion, the above four kinds of auxiliary equipment are necessary for PET bottle perform project. Others machine such as mixer, crush, air compress is decided by your demand. If you are not experienced, you can ask the supplier for help and give you suggestion of PET perform device.


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